Tony Hawk Detroit

Tony Hawk Lands In Detroit! Why He’s The Nicest Dude You’ll Ever Meet


He’s been animated on The Simpsons, he’s been personally invited by President Obama to hang out and even skate on the grounds of The White House, and he just recently dropped the much anticipated Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 5. Tony Hawk has done it all. And he shows noooo signs of slowing down.


My first job ever was at a skate shop. My second job was at a skate park. I worked at a record store for a couple years, then moved to New Jersey, where I worked at a Vans location that had a huge halfpipe inside the store. Upon returning to Michigan I worked at yet another skate shop. For yearsss of my life, I excitedly ripped open boxes of new cool gear and sold it to hundreds of kids. My favorite part was putting together completes. I would help someone pick out everything from top to bottom.. the deck, the bearings, the wheels and trucks… then I would watch them sweat because they thought a girl was going to F up the assembly of their new prized possession. But to their surprise, it was always perfect, and the griptape was flawless.





To almost everyone I know, Tony Hawk has always been a household name. In my strange life, I’ve had the opportunity to meet quite a few bands and famous people, and sometimes they don’t live up to your expectations. A bad experience can turn you from superfan to hater reallll quick. That said, I can happily tell you, that Tony Hawk is exactly the guy you want him to be. He’s sincere and welcoming.. chatty and enthusiastic.. He’s still a kid at heart. He talked about liking pinball, and South Park. And over the last few years, we’ve been really lucky to have him continuously visit Detroit. I’m sure anyone who has run into Tony around town shares my sentiments.


The Wig Detroit

The Wig


Several times now Tony has shown up and skated community funded skate spots such as The Wig, and the B.S.S.C., and in 2013 the Tony Hawk Foundation made a super generous donation to the Ride It Sculpture Park.


Ride It Sculpture Park

Ride It Sculpture Park


Ride It Sculpture Park

Ride It Sculpture Park


Ride It Sculpture Park

Ride It Sculpture Park







Favorite strange roadside thing in the U.S.?

Tony Hawk: Not exactly “roadside” but I forced my team to visit Graceland when we passed through Memphis on one of our early Birdhouse tours. It was a strange, surreal spectacle (I mean the visitors more than the actual home).


Favorite diner or regular restaurant in the U.S.?

Tony Hawk: Waffle House! I am not exaggerating when I say that I truly love going there. The service is fast, and the waffles are on point. It is such an honest slice of American culture; I only wish we had some in California.


I saw that you have a dog, Lola. Weirdest/cutest thing she does..

Tony Hawk: She sighs, but only in situations that are appropriate. Like if she’s tired and we are all up late. Or if she can’t go outside immediately, or if I push her off the bed. It sounds just like a passive-aggressive complaint.


Tony Hawk dog

Tony’s own photo of his doggie, Lola


Any cool places around where you live where dogs are allowed?

Tony Hawk: There is a beach in Del Mar (“Dog Beach”) that allows dogs to run free. It’s chaos and Lola never wants to leave.


Thing you can't travel without...

Tony Hawk: Sony ActionCam. It is the crux of my social media.


Current favorite road trip or travel album or albums?

Pixies – Doolittle
Madonna – Immaculate Collection
Radiohead – OK Computer
Nine Inch Nails – The Fragile
Tribe Called Quest – Midnight Marauders
Broken Bells (first album)
The Cure – Disintegration
Krafwerk – Electric Cafe


Favorite place to visit outside of the U.S.?

Tony Hawk: Japan. It’s like a giant, living video game.


Current things you're stoked about/want people to know about..

Tony Hawk: Tony Hawk Foundation is my way of giving back to the skate community. We help to fund and develop public skateparks in low-income areas (like the Ride It Sculpture Park in Detroit)


And finally, a word association question.. Here is a picture of my dog Bean.. Without even thinking, what would his new name be if you had to rename him? 

Tony Hawk: Buster







Tony Hawk Foundation


• The Tony Hawk Foundation


 Tony Hawk on Instagram


Tony Hawk on Facebook


Tony Hawk on Twitter





Community Push on Instagram


Community Push on Facebook



The Wig Detroit

The Wig




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