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Tom DeLonge Talks Travel, Dogs, Tattoos & UFOs • Get On Board or GTFO!

Through the magic of an inbox message from an old friend, I got the crazy news that I had the go-ahead for an interview with Tom DeLonge. Needless to say, I had my questions finalized and typed out within a couple hours. Then about a week went by, and with each day I got more nervous. Nervous about my questions, nervous about my weird voice, nervous about sounding like a nerd or a fanboy. All I could think of was this picture I scored with Tom at Warped Tour in like 1999… If my memory served me, I had brutal sunburn.. pig tails.. and giantttttt blue camo pants on.. *cringe* ..


While I prepared for this interview, I was that girl again.


Tom DeLonge Blink 182

Photo by the homie, Joe Gall aka: @camera_jesus





I’m not going to regurgitate all the bogus stuff that’s been written about Tom lately. The world has passed judgement, and that sucks. And sadly, they’ve judged before they even try to understand what he’s doing.

Longggg story short, Tom has always had a fascination with aliens… UFOs.. pretty much all things strange. He started a passion project to shine light on the UFO phenomenon, and what the government knows. He slowly built relationships with top government and military officials, and through these relationships he just might blow the whole ‘Are we alone?’ argument wide open.

Tom is in the process of writing a series of books called Sekret Machines. Book 1 is already out. Technically it’s ‘fiction’, or a novel based on true events. But basically, from what I understand, he’s becoming privy to certain information, and this is his way of sharing it with all of us in the safest way possible. A documentary is also in the works.


So excuse me, mainstream media; I don’t care if “he’s changed”… I don’t care if he “quit Blink”… I don’t care if he’s “gone off the deep end.” .. These are the opinions of people who DON’T get it. Of trolls.. of haters.. of do-nothing’s…

The only thing I know is this guy, and his band, got me through breakups, through road trips, through art class, through summer, through shit- nearly half my life.. To me, and about 363783 of my friends, that’s who he is, and that’s who he always will be. And he can do whatever TF he wants.







Favorite restaurant or bar in any state/country?


Tom DeLonge:  That’s a hard one.. ya know my wife and I like this area that’s off of a park in Paris.. Tuileries! And there’s a great little set of kind of kiosk cafes that sit on this park, but it’s near the Louvre, and it’s kind of one of the more beautiful places I’ve ever been.



Things you never travel without? Any good luck charms, or weird things that you need every day..


Tom DeLonge:  Umm, a good book. Any kind of travel, I think a good book is very important.



Favorite place to travel outside of the U.S.?


Tom DeLonge:  That’s a good question.. I think France is probably a good place that I would look forward to, to go out of the country. France, or somewhere in Scandinavia would be good.



Any current favorite traveling or driving music?


Tom DeLonge:  I listen to talk radio when I drive far distances, keeps my mind goin’.. So I’m a big fan of finding kind of odd lectures on interesting topics that have at least 1 or 2 hours of length, so it keeps me occupied as I drive.. Usually something to do with ancient history, or science, or even film so I can learn something.



Ok, on to your dogs! Luna & Henrey; Do you have any silly nicknames for them? And why is Henrey spelled weird?


Tom DeLonge:  Ya know what, that’s a good question.. Luna we do have a nickname for her, it is ‘Loony’, because she’s just not.. very.. smart. She’s really big, but she’s not smart, so we call her ‘Loony’. Sometimes we call her ‘Lunar’, because really her mind’s not all there. And Henrey, they spelled it that way at the pound. It was King Henrey, with an E, so we kept that spelling, just because that’s how he came to us.


Tom DeLonge Dog Luna

Tom’s own photo of him & Luna



Tom DeLonge Dog Henrey

Tom & Henrey lookin’ super srs



What is your favorite tattoo, and who was the artist?


Tom DeLonge:  That’s a good one.. uhh who did it, I forgot the name of the person that did it, it’s been so long.. But I like the city on my chest. It’s kinda cartoony.. at the time I wanted something that looked a bit futuristic, but also looked a bit illustrated, ya know? And ever since then I’ve doodled that city in so many places, if I’m just sitting on the phone, or doing whatever.. I don’t know, I kinda always liked that. It was a big tattoo to get, too. It wasn’t like a small one, it was a big commitment to put a giant thing on my chest.


Tom DeLonge Tattoo



I have some friends in the paranormal biz, have you ever been to the website Week in Weird?


Tom DeLonge:  Ya know what, I think I might have, it sounds familiar.


I was wondering besides alien and bigfoot stuff, are you into like haunted stuff too?


Tom DeLonge:  Yeah I’m into anything that’s kinda odd, ya know.. I’m into anything that kind of is a window into the world around us, because I think the universe is a pretty strange place, and it does a lot of strange things. And all of those types of things to me, are symptoms of just the physics of a place we don’t understand. So I’m always interested in anything like that.


Tom DeLonge Strange Times



For those who don't know, what is your book Sekret Machines about? Do you ever get scared that the things you reveal might… Like, do you think anyone’s been trying to keep you quiet since you've been writing it?


Tom DeLonge:  Ok. That’s a big question.


I know.


*we both laugh*

Tom DeLonge:  Yeah so Sekret Machines is a project that I’ve always been passionate about doing, but never really thought that I would get as far as I did. I pitched something to people within the government, and they passed me around because they liked what I pitched. So the people I got in contact with, were the people that were in charge of this issue (aliens, and UFOs, etc) in a major way. So I have been working really hard to teach people through fiction, like historical fiction, and through non-fiction, teeter-tottering between the two.. I’ve been working hard to do that, to teach people something that is really difficult to communicate. The government has no time, and I don’t believe they necessarily have the ability of how to do it, and I came along with an option. And I think it worked. But it took me a long time to build the trust, to execute on what I said I would do, and to show respect, ya know? That I’m humbled by the information, to become a benefactor of the information, rather than just some guy running around town saying ‘Hey I know secrets’.


The second part of your question is have I ever been nervous about what I know: Absolutely. And I’ve been warned a few times. And this is where it gets tricky because when stuff like this gets printed in the press, people laugh. They like to go ‘Why this guy, in this pop-punk band, like yeah right, really…’ They think I’m lying or something, but they have no clue who I’m dealing with, what we’re talking about, and the stakes involved. And so part of me, I understand why they think that, or say that, or why people don’t quite get what I’m doing.. but it doesn’t matter one bit. And I think people will find out as I go forward with this project, especially when we release the documentary side of things, of how I got these people.. and government, and what’s goin’ on.. I think people will start to go ‘Wow, this is a really big deal’. And I’m excited for people to kinda broaden their understanding of something they thought was probably a joke *laughs* not too long ago, so..



Right, what I don’t understand too is, I’ve gone to shows since I was so young.. been in the punk rock community forever.. I don’t understand how.. something you were doing before (playing in a punk band) is kind of an outsider thing.. something that not all people get, or subscribe to… So now that you're into another outsider thing, like why is that weird to people?? I think it’s perfect.


Tom DeLonge:  *chuckles*  I think you and I coming from a certain culture.. where ya know, being an iconoclast to some degree is just normal for us.. to approach topics and subjects and cultures that are usually the antitheses to what the norm is.. But when you’re dealing with something like the UFO phenomenon, it’s a whole ‘nother issue, because you’re trying to talk to people, and explain to them that their world view is not correct.. Their religion may not be correct.. Their idea of science might not be correct.. And you have to teach them as well, that they’ve been trained to think that way because the government has done that for 60 years. The government has gone out of their way to make sure the people think UFOs are a joke. And they did that for a very specific reason. Because it’s scary. And they’re trying to figure it out. And they’re working their asses off on trying to make sure everyone’s safe. And so they didn’t want people to get nervous. And part of what my project is doing is teaching people how to understand this stuff, without getting nervous.


Totally. I totally get it. And I do think people will understand more, once you release more.


Tom DeLonge:  Yeah I hope so. That’s the goal. And I think they will too. Because I have quite a lot of stuff planned.


Tom DeLonge Sekret Machines

Bean sniffin’ out some Sekrets



Have you ever been to the Appalachian Mountains.. Have you seen the Brown Mountain Lights in North Carolina? Or have you yourself seen a UFO?


Tom DeLonge:  I have seen one myself. I have had an even weirder experience at one part of my life, but I have not been to the Appalachian Mountains and seen that.



My best friend is getting married on Saturday, and I know that you've been married for like 15 years.. I was just wondering if you had any advice.. ‘cuz that’s a longgg time.


Tom DeLonge:  I think the main advice is you have to continuously focus on each other the way you did in the first 3 years you were together.. because like anything, if you eat spaghetti every single day, you’re not gonna like, ya know, be eating it the same way you did the first time you were stoned and you had pasta like ’Oh my god, this is so good!’ .. But it takes work to show each other that you’re still that important. And subtly people stop doing that in every single marriage, and I think the best advice I have is to remember that you have each other.. That’s a gift. And you’ve kinda won the war. You’ve won the battle of trying to get someone to commit to you for their entire life, so you just gotta treasure it. And nurture it. You can’t just let it go forward like it’s gonna grow and evolve in its own way.. If you don’t do any kind of work, it will grow and evolve in a bad way.



And lastly, is there anything else that you want to talk about, or want people to check out? This is your chance to say whatever you want.


Tom DeLonge:  Umm, go to my company website!, check out what I’m doin’.. Follow Sekret Machines if you wanna know some information that could potentially change everything for the way you think about yourself and the world around you.






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Tom DeLonge Warped Tour




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  • Rob C
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    Great Interview, thank you!

    • Paws Buzz GO!
      Paws Buzz GO!
      August 17, 2016 at 3:06 am

      Thank you so much for reading! I appreciate it more than you know. 🙂

  • Jordan
    August 16, 2016 at 10:15 am

    Very good interview! Original questions that i doubt he will have been asked before. Thanks for this

    • Paws Buzz GO!
      Paws Buzz GO!
      August 17, 2016 at 3:07 am

      Thanks so much for the kind words! Really glad you enjoyed it!! 🙂

  • Kelsey
    August 16, 2016 at 5:31 pm

    You’re killing it! Love the picture of you at the end with Tom. Of course YOU met him way back when. 😘💕 I enjoyed your article and look forward to more.

    • Paws Buzz GO!
      Paws Buzz GO!
      August 17, 2016 at 3:08 am

      You are wonderful! thanks a million babe ❤️

  • Rob C
    September 2, 2017 at 12:50 pm

    Great Blog. Really enjoyed reading.


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