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Reader Questions: Road Trip Washington To Indiana With 2 Dogs

Reader Questions! Paws Buzz Go is here to help!! I do 32987646897 hours of research before I go on a road trip. So hopefully my site can help you, and save you some time! If you ever have any questions, or need any advice, please send Bean & I a message! 🐶 💌  (write to us here)


This question came to us from Miranda in Washington state. She writes:

"Hi, I just came across your page and was wondering if you have any tips or advice. In June we will be driving from Washington to IL. .. My husband is in the Army, & we will be visiting family back home in IL and IN. Any good places to visit that allow dogs? Thank You So Much for any help :) Miranda"


OK! All the things to write! First of all I’d like to thank your husband for his service! You must be so excited to take this road trip together. It can’t be easy holding down the fort while he’s away. I hope you know you are stronger than most, and you rule. 😊

On my last epic journey, I drove 7 hours a day for 7 days in a row. I do not recommend this. Bean was pretty miserable. So was I. I would recommend staying around 5 hrs or less per day. That way you should be able to spend a whole day in each state you pass through. This is a once in a lifetime thing for most people, so please stop and see things. You’ll be glad you did.





Lodging: I read some pretty scary reviews for surrounding hotels, also most hotels charge a fee PER dog. Then I found this gem. Looks very nice, AND up to 3 dogs with NO pet fees! YAY! One reviewer said it has a large wooded area behind the hotel to walk the dogs too, so that’s a huge bonus. →  Holiday Inn Express Coeur d’Alene

Dog Friendly Idaho hotels site: →  woof

Hiking: Dog friendly scenic hiking trail located 9 mins from that hotel. →  Tubbs Hill

This place looks great too. Also some links at the bottom for other cool activities. →  Mineral Ridge Scenic Trail

Who knew Idaho was home to “The Niagara Falls of The West”? This looks amazing. →  Shoshone Falls

My favorite part of all the Idaho research I did.. I present to you… A giant beagle you can sleep in! 😆 AND they allow pets, AND it’s under $100 a night, AND it’s instagram gold. →  Dog Bark Park Inn


Dog Bark Park Inn

Photo courtesy of Instagrammer @laurendoesmyhair





Lodging: Western Wyoming. This place looks adorable, has great reviews, and is pet friendly! →  Cowboy Village Resort

And 3 mins from Cowboy Village Resort there’s a pet friendly restaurant! Awesome reviews, pet friendly deck. → Cafe Genevieve

Northwest – Cody, WY – by Yellowstone: Dog Friendly Bar →  Silver Dollar Bar

My research taught me unfortunately that Yellowstone National Park doesn’t allow dogs.💔 *giant bum out*

Northwest – Grand Teton National Park: Honestly looks like some of the most beautiful scenery in the country. It says they DO allow dogs! So that’s exciting. “Pets are allowed inside Grand Teton National Park, but they must be restrained at all times and are not permitted on hiking trails, inside visitor centers or other facilities. A good rule of thumb is that a pet may go anywhere a car may go: roads and road shoulders, campgrounds and picnic areas, parking lots, etc.”  →  Grand Teton NP

Lodging: Eastern Wyoming. Near Devils Tower, good reviews and pet friendly. Keep in mind, I’m making my decisions based on location, reviews, and NO pet fees. A LOT of hotels charge a fee PER night PER dog, so I’m trying to give cheap, but nice options. 😊 →  Days Inn Gillette

Devils Tower National Monument: As seen in the Steven Spielberg film “Close Encounters of the Third Kind”. There’s a cool Native American folklore story for this monument, it goes something like; Some girls were playing in the area when they came across some bears, the bears began to chase them so they ran up on the rock. They prayed that someone would save them. Their prayers were answered, and the rock began to rise taller and taller as the bears scratched at the rock to get to them. The bears left deep claw marks all around the rock. When the girls reached the sky they were turned into stars. ✨ →  Devils Tower Info


devils tower close encounters

Devils Tower From “Close Encounters of the Third Kind” – Photo: Columbia Pictures





Lodging: Western SD. Hotel Alex Johnson! This place rules. Pet Friendly, crazy over the top lobby, I can’t even explain it. It also has an attached gift shop, AND a Starbucks. Truth be told I stayed here because it’s said to be haunted. My bellhop told me in the elevator that back in the day, a newlywed woman jumped from the 8th floor after learning her new husband had cheated on her. Room 812. At the Hotel Alex Johnson, hotel guests are encouraged to write down any ghostly experiences in the “Haunting Book” at the front desk. →  Hotel Alex Johnson

Pet friendly bar RIGHT next door! You can get carry out food and bring it back to the hotel, but they let me bring my dog Bean INSIDE.. We chilled, and I had a beer, and the service was awesome. →  Paddy O’ Neill’s

The little downtown part of Rapid City was so adorable. Little shops, coffee, weird statues, it’s worth checking out. There was a cool little dive bar, that also let me bring Bean inside, but I had him in a stroller. Turns out it’s the oldest bar in Rapid City. The bartender was super friendly + really cheap drinks. →  The Brass Rail

BADLANDS NATIONAL PARK: YES in CAPS. This was my favorite place on my entire trip from Michigan to SD. It feels like you’re on Mars. ↓


Badlands National Park dog


It’s dog friendly, and you can move at your own pace. Drive around, get out, take pics, do whatever you want. I sat in the grass and fed dried bananas to wild prairie dogs. I mean cooome on now. And there are beautiful bison, long horn sheep, I saw a wolf or a coyote, I’m not sure which. It’s just unlike anything I’ve ever seen. PLEASE make sure you go here. Skip all other plans if you have to. Go here. →  Badlands National Park

Black Hills National Forest/Custer State Park: Definitely worth driving through if you have time. Beautiful scenery, winding roads, lots of bison. Like right by the car. Bean had no clue what to make of these guys. 😆 →  Custer State Park


Custer State Park bison


Mount Rushmore: Technically Mount Rushmore doesn’t allow dogs. But it cannnn be done. I’ll just leave this right here. →  Rushmore Sneak Attack

Porter Sculpture Park: Eastern SD. Weird public art field thing created by sculptor Wayne Porter. 50+ giant sculptures. Rated a Top U.S. roadside attraction. Good photo ops. →  Porter Sculpture Park

Falls Park – Sioux Falls, SD: Eastern SD. Really beautiful park. Impressive falls. You can walk the dog RIGHT up to them, and all around them. Doesn’t cost a thing. Really nice pit stop. →  Falls Park


Sioux Falls Park south dakota


Lodging: Eastern SD. Bean and I stayed here and it was super nice. They have this little store by the front desk where you can buy snacks, and random stuff. Grassy areas around the hotel to walk doggies too. →  My Place Hotel – Sioux Falls





The Villisca Ax Murder House: Western Iowa. Again, I like spooky things. Maybe you do, maybe you don’t, but I’m mentioning it anyway. This house was the site of the murder of 8 people in 1912. There are some theories, but the murderer was never found. You can tour the house, even sleep there if you rent it out. Bean and I walked through the whole house, and it was pretty awesome. Frozen in time, and cool to see. The caretakers are friends, and wonderful people. Definitely something to tell your buddies about. →  Villisca Ax Murder House

Grotto of the Redemption: Northwestern Iowa. My second favorite place on our whole journey. So bizarre. Basically it’s a religious shrine that 3 different men spent 100 continuous years building. It’s made entirely out of precious stones, crystals, shells, etc. I brought Bean through the whole thing. It’s open 24 hrs a day. Unlike anything I’ve ever seen, I absolutely loved it. →  Grotto of the Redemption


Grotto of the Redemption Iowa


Maquoketa Caves State Park: Eastern Iowa. Here’s a hot tip; don’t speed in Iowa. I was barely going over at all, and I got pulled over by a state trooper. He taught me it’s pronounced “Ma-coke-it-uh”. That’s about the only good thing that happened between me and him ‘cuz I got the ticket. 😑  Aaaaanyway, Maquoketa Caves is pretty fun. It’s free, and nice to walk through with a dog. There are several giant caves, one you can go through and under, but it got down like 3 ft high and was kinda scary.. I’m all hunched over, and Bean is just zippin’ through. But it was cool. →  Maquoketa Caves State Park

Antique Archaeology: Ya know that show on the History Channel called “American Pickers”? If you don’t, it’s about 2 guys who drive around the whole country, stopping at random people’s houses, and buying their antiques/cars/motorcycles, etc. They then bring allll that stuff back to their store and sell it. They have 2 locations, one in TN, and this one in Le Claire, IA. I’ve been a big fan of the show for a longggg time, so it was really neat to see the store. They allowed Bean inside both buildings to walk around too. Also the surrounding town is really charming, and set right on the Mississippi River. →  Antique Archaeology


American Pickers Iowa


Lodging: Eastern Iowa. Bean & I stayed here, it’s only 17 mins from Antique Archaeology. I remember there being a lack of pet friendly hotels in that area, so I was glad to find this one. May I suggest getting Marco’s Pizza delivered to your hotel room too, it was phenomenal. →  Baymont Inn & Suites – Davenport, IA





Lodging: Chicago. Bean & I’s go-to pet friendly hotel, Hotel Allegro. Really beautiful lobby and rooms, very reasonable price for where it is, and they give you a doggie welcome bag with treats, waste bags, a do-not-disturb doggie door hanger, and a little list of local dog parks & such. →  Hotel Allegro

Roadside Attraction – Chicago: →  Shit Fountain

Dog friendly bars, dogs allowed INSIDE, both near Hotel Allegro →  Clark St. Ale House , Archie’s Iowa & Rockwell Tavern

Sprinkles Cupcake ATM: Yes, a functioning 24hr ATM, that shoots out human AND doggie cupcakes. →  Sprinkles Cupcake ATM

The house from Home Alone – 671 Lincoln Ave, Winnetka IL →  Keep the change ya filthy animal





James Dean’s grave: Fairmount, IN. →  RIP

The house from TV show “Roseanne”: Southern, IN. 619 S. Runnymeade Ave, Evansville, IN →  harmonica song

The ballpark from “A League Of Their Own”: Southern IN. 203 S. Cherry St, Huntingburg, IN →  Rockford Peaches

15 Restaurants & Bars that allow dogs in Carmel, IN: Central IN →  bark

Dog Friendly places around Indianapolis: Central IN →  Dog Friendly Indy






Des Moines, IA  •  Iron Heart Tattoo

Peoria, IL  •  Freedom Ink Tattoos

Chicago, IL  •  Great Lakes Tattoo

Fort Wayne, IN  •  Black Anvil Tattoo





It’s safe to say you’re going to drop some money on hotels on this road trip. Before you leave, sign up for Ebates. Sign up by clicking the link, then download the Ebates iPhone app. When you’re on the road, open the Ebates app and look up, or, Hilton Hotels, Marriott, etc., then click ‘shop now’. Book your room from inside the app and get 5-10% back in CASH on your stay. On my South Dakota trip I got so much money back. Averaged $10 a night, and that adds up. Then every 3 months Ebates automatically mails you a check. I’ve gotten $312 back since I signed up! Anytime you buy anything online, just check Ebates first, and shop from in there. Click here to sign up →  Ebates! $$$





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