Mothman Festival Is This Weekend! Red Eyed Legend Turns 50Mothman Festival Is This Weekend! Red Eyed Legend Turns 50Mothman Festival Is This Weekend! Red Eyed Legend Turns 50Mothman Festival Is This Weekend! Red Eyed Legend Turns 50

Mothman Festival Is This Weekend! Red Eyed Legend Turns 50

The West Virginia town of Point Pleasant will explode with Mothman fans this weekend! Mothman Festival takes over this TINY town for the 15th year! The festival is free, and is especially exciting since this is the 50th anniversary of the Mothman.


Mothman was first spotted in 1966. The legend goes:


mothman legend

“On a chilly, fall night in November 1966, two young couples drove into the TNT area north of Point Pleasant, West Virginia, when they realized they were not alone.”


There are many theories as to what the Mothman was, or why it appeared. Some even think it was a giant mutated bird. In the same span of time that people were seeing the Mothman, there were also many UFO sitings in the area. To make things even weirder, several people who witnessed the Mothman and the UFOs claim they were visited by “men in black” who warned them to keep quiet about what they had experienced.


Tragically in 1967, a bridge connecting Ohio to West Virginia collapsed killing 46 people. Witnesses reported seeing the Mothman on or around the Silver Bridge earlier that day. Some people think it appeared to warn travelers of what was about to happen. Strangely, after the bridge collapse, the Mothman was never seen again.






So Point Pleasant is reealllyyy small. It’s charming, and feels quite old.. but it also feels a little like House Of Wax. I kept thinking I would see a fake robotic old lady pushing a curtain open.


There’s a beautiful little waterfront area, and a park with some big statues nearby.


point pleasant wv


And right smack dab in the middle of town, is our famous gleaming Mothman.


mothman statue


When I was there, I think I saw a total of like 3 other humans. So go ahead and take all the pictures you want.


mothman statue


I was a little worried at one point because a cop rolled by. I figured I was about to get a warning for poking around the statue for too long.. but when he stopped, all he did was ask me how many tattoos I have.  *face palm*


Located right next to the statue, is the one and only Mothman Museum. There you’ll find shirts and trinkets for sale, as well as rare documents and evidence from the Mothman happenings.


mothman museum

Image by @spacekitten29


Right across the street is the supposedly quite haunted Lowe Hotel. I wanted to stay here really bad, BUT THEY DON’T ALLOW DOGS. 😞  I’m still bent about it, as you can see.  DEAR LOWE HOTEL, maybe you could designate one room as a pet friendly room, charge a pet fee, and have people sign an agreement to pay for any damage. You stand in arguably the smallest, strangest town in America, maybe you could take our pet lovin’ money??? #justsayin


lowe hotel wv

Image by @bsimp1988






I feel like Mothman is really having a moment right now.


mothman cryptid

Image by @honeybunnybunce


I remember when I was younger, the Loch Ness Monster popped up on just about every TV show I liked. But 2016 just might be the year of the Mothman. Like many cryptids, Mothman’s likeness is open to wild interpretation.


It can be scary….


mothman art

Image by @mothmaan


Or cute…


mothman cryptidclub

Image by @cryptidclub


Mothman has also inspired toys…

mothman toy

Created by @jasonlimon


And patches/clothing…


mothman maidenvoyageco

Sold by @maidenvoyageco


Mothman Mania has even shown up in tattoo form!


mothman tattoo

Drawing by @villenous_art • Tattoo by Unknown


mothman tattoo

Tattoo by @atomlenhart


mothman tattoo

Photo by @planetweird on @dj_tinez • Original artwork by @mothmaan



And by far the strangest tribute I’ve seen, is at this weird Expo in Madrid. There’s a Spanish TV show called Cuarto Milenio. The show is all about conspiracies, the occult, UFOs, demonology, etc. So just this summer, Cuarto Milenio had an expo at the Teatro Calderon where people paid good money to come see… REPLICA versions of some of America’s most famous haunted items. WUT?!? haha.. Please do yourself a favor and search the hashtag #expocuartomilenio on Instagram. The expo had a fake Annabelle from The Conjuring story, a fake version of the Fiji Mermaid, and here are some expo goers with a REPLICA of our beloved Mothman statue.


Expo Cuarto Milenio Madrid

Image by @jose__callado


I’m so completely weirded out by all of this. 😆  So next time you lay your eyes on a real haunted or cursed artifact *cough* Traveling Museum of the Paranormal & Occult *cough*, consider yourself lucky… because there are people in other countries paying money to see fake ones.






By now you should be alllll hyped up to attend Mothman Festival!


mothman festival


Even if you can’t attend this year, maybe stop in Point Pleasant next time you road trip through West Virginia! And please let us know if you see any large cute/scary red eyed creatures. 😉



Mothman Museum  •  400 Main St, Point Pleasant, WV 25550-1117  •  website

Mothman Festival  •  website


mothman west virginia





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