Tattoo Legend Eddy Deutsche Talks Travel, Favorite Shops & More!Tattoo Legend Eddy Deutsche Talks Travel, Favorite Shops & More!Tattoo Legend Eddy Deutsche Talks Travel, Favorite Shops & More!Tattoo Legend Eddy Deutsche Talks Travel, Favorite Shops & More!

Tattoo Legend Eddy Deutsche Talks Travel, Favorite Shops & More!

Eddy Deutsche is rad.

I don’t know how else to say it. He’s chill, funny, has the most infectious smile, and his gold teeth are the fuckin’ exclamation point.

Eddy has been tattooing since 1986. He’s worked for, and alongside some of the biggest names in tattoo history. When I heard he was doing a string of guest spots in his hometown of Detroit, it was a no-brainer.





I have this thing where I don’t like to stifle tattoo artists. I’m not gonna come in with 87 ideas, and tell an amazing artist how to do their job. I find I get a far better tattoo if I give them freedom. Say a few things you like, some styles you like, and let them go to town.

Before my appointment, through inbox, I told Eddy, “I hate purple in tattoos. Other than that I like hard, weird, tough.. Higgs, 2-3 headed shit, mash-ups, usually the weirder the better.”

To my surprise, when I showed up to my appointment, he had sketched SIX different ideas. And seriously drew 3 more options while I was hanging out.


Eddy Deutsche flash


NINE options drawn just for me, with my preferences in mind?? This has NEVER happened in all my years of getting tattoos. No ego, no huffing and puffing, no hurrying me along.. Just GENUINE enthusiasm, and a sense that this is the shit he lives for. Keeping all these ideas in his head is physically impossible.


I couldn’t be happier with the tattoo I got. This particular guest spot was at Sun House in downtown Detroit. It’s a private studio shop that houses well-known artists Alex Boyko, Matt Lambdin, and Aaron Harman. I’ve been there several times now, and the vibes and waterfront views are unmatched.

Eddy was gracious enough to sit on the floor in a hallway with me and do an interview. 😆  Then we all went and got barbecue. Days just don’t get better than that.


Eddy Deutsche Tattoo

My tattoo from Eddy, inspired by Kali







Favorite place to travel to.. In this country? Then out of this country..


Eddy Deutsche:  Right now, I would say Boston. Boston is pretty amazing, and I have really good friends there. Out of this country, Rome. Rome is awesome, everybody should go to Rome.



Thing or things you absolutely can't travel without?


Eddy Deutsche:  My phone. My iPhone.



Favorite shops to visit or work in?


Eddy Deutsche:  Well it would be Pumpkin Tattoo in Boston for sure, I love working at Temple Tattoo in Oakland, and I love working at Skull and Sword in San Francisco, Smith Street in Brooklyn, and um just trying to think of the shops I’ve gone to more than once.. But I love working at all the shops I’ve gone to, so that’s a tough question.



What artists do you currently love... Anybody you see online and you're like, “Fuck. How do they do that?”


Eddy Deutsche:  Let’s see… Jondix is fuck, how do they do that. I love that guy, and he blows my mind on the regular. Just how prolific he is, it’s totally awesome. Yeah he’s one of my favorites.. and a great guy, and a great place to go work.. I had a blast working with him in Spain, and in London.



You worked alongside Paul Rogers and Ed Hardy.. Are there any sayings they had? Or advice, or any verbal kicks in the ass that you still try and live by today?


Eddy Deutsche:  Yeah I mean Ed Hardy, there was tons of stuff that he would tell me about.. especially about value, and valuing your work, and valuing what we do, and how that’s a much bigger picture than like the money that you actually keep. That was something I really got from Ed Hardy, because he’s very smart about that.. and the meaning of all that was totally something that was great for me, and has helped me in my life.

And Paul Rogers, yeah everything he said to me was.. He totally changed my life. There’s so many things.


eddy deutsche paul rogers

Eddy & Paul Rogers



Your favorite thing to tattoo? Like if someone walks in and says “I want ______”, you know you’re having a good day.


Eddy Deutsche:  My favorite thing to tattoo is usually just totally dependent on the person.. I love doing Japanese style work that has a twist on it.. I love putting a psychedelic edge to anything, that’s the most fun for me.. but I also like doing really classic style work.



Your favorite tattoo you have?


Eddy Deutsche:  My favorite tattoo is the last tattoo I got, from Grime. It says my daughter’s name Veda, and it’s super fancy, and it’s like a blast-over. And I have another tattoo of my son.


Grime Tattoo




I know you grew up a Detroit punk rock kid.. What'd you grow up listening to? Memorable shows?


Eddy Deutsche:  Well in ’82, there was a place called The Freezer Theater, that was open for.. I guess it was only open for like 9 months?? Maybe 11 months? And I think that every band that ever played there was my favorite band of all time.. That was my era, my time..



Anything you’ve been listening to lately?


Eddy Deutsche:  I love Rage Against The Machine all of a sudden. I don’t know why, but yeah I love Rage Against The Machine.. It’s something that I never really listened to a lot of, and now all of a sudden I’m listening to it.



And lastly, anything you'd like people to check out? Anything in the works?


Eddy Deutsche:  There’s tons in the works.. I would just ask people to look at Raking Light Projects, and see the great stuff that’s happening with that, and hopefully I’ll have stuff on there too at some point soon.






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Eddy Deutsche Interview




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