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Clamore Wolfmeyer Opens Beautiful New (Haunted) Tattoo Shop

There are so many things to worry about when you open a new business. You have to paint, decorate, set up social media, leave out offerings for the resident ghost..  uhhhhhh WHAT??!?  You heard that right; well-known tattoo artist Clamore Wolfmeyer unknowingly chose the location of a 3 year old unsolved murder as the home for his new shop Black Mass Tattoo.


Black Mass Tattoo Austin





In February of 2014, the body of beloved teacher Grace Chen was found on the second floor of the Galleria Oaks shopping center in Northwest Austin, Texas. Grace Chen came to the U.S. from China in search of a better life. She founded the Grace Language and Cultural Institute, and sadly in this building she was taken from the world way too soon. By all accounts, Grace was a bright light to the community, and treated her students like family. There are still many questions as to who did this and why. Police seem to have little to go on, but they remain optimistic that they will find the person or persons responsible. Anyone with information that may help can call (512) 472- TIPS.


Grace Chen Austin

Grace Chen


As you might imagine, an event that tragic and unnecessary could definitely leave behind some residual energy. Cla Wolfmeyer and the staff of Black Mass have only been there for a short time, but have already had more than a few unexplainable things happen.


Black Mass Tattoo


A full-fledged haunting would usually be enough to send a group packing, but Black Mass isn’t going anywhere. Compassion and open-mindedness are exactly what this space needed, and I can’t imagine more appropriate new tenants. They are just fine with Grace sticking around, and already plan to permanently honor her in their shop. More on that in my interview with Clamore right… about… here ↓







Ok starting with travel stuff, favorite place(s) to travel in the U.S.?


Clamore Wolfmeyer: My favorite places are Frederick, MD, Long Beach, CA, Denver, CO and Portland, OR



Any favorite bars or restaurants anywhere? Like if you hear you're going to a certain state, you're like "FUCK YEAH I'm going to  ____  immediately"


Clamore Wolfmeyer: There’s a dive bar in Frederick, MD that we always go to called Guido’s. Haha the name is strange I know but it’s really chill. All our friends work there and they have different things every night. 25 cent wings, trivia, movie night and they have a back room for bands to play in. I always get so stoked when we go there!



Ok onto pets, I know you have a sphinx cat, which I will be jealous of 'til the day I die. Any strange habits your cat has? And also what other animals do you have?


Clamore Wolfmeyer: I actually have two of them! They are really needy. Not like a normal cat. They like to keep warm and I’m like a furnace so they always try to sleep with me. I have 5 tarantulas that are my favorite pets to have. I could sit and watch them all day.


Clamore Wolfmeyer cats



Your favorite tattoo? And who did it, and where is the shop?


Clamore Wolfmeyer: My favorite tattoo is my entire torso. Done by my mentor and good friend Dana Helmuth. It’s a partial cover up too! Had something on my upper chest that was never finished so we covered it up with a huge dragon. He tattoos out of a private studio in Salisbury, MD but regularly guests at Read Street Tattoo in Baltimore, MD and Invisible Tattoo in NY


dana helmuth tattoo



Favorite shops to do a guest spot?


Clamore Wolfmeyer: The Martlet Tattoo in West Hollywood, CA, Port City Tattoo in Long Beach, CA and Black Label Tattoo Co. in Frederick, MD



Ok so this is about opening Black Mass.. From what I understand a woman, Grace Chen, was found murdered there 3 years ago. Are you in the same exact space? Or just same building. And I know some weird things have happened already if you could talk about those


Clamore Wolfmeyer: So when we got the keys a couple weeks ago they had told us about a woman named Grace Chen who used to be a teacher here in the building. They told us she had been murdered one night here and they had placed her body in our bathroom. Her spot was 2 doors down from where we are. But since we got the keys we’ve been in here seeing, feeling and hearing things. I was sweeping our floors and some linoleum flew past my feet from behind and I’d look back and nobody was there. Sometimes I’ll hear banging through the walls when I’m the only one here late at night. Also had some frames come off the walls when they were securely put on the walls so it couldn’t fall off if it tried. We were all ripping up the carpet one day and we all stopped to look up at something. I asked if everyone saw something out of the corner of their eye and they said yes but nothing was there. We also repainted the walls and doors too. But after painting my door, I didn’t even notice it till a couple days ago, there’s a greenish hand print on my door.

Grace loved art and tea. So I’m building her a little shrine in our shop with her picture and tea set in her honor. I’ve been told a few different things to do to keep her happy cause I don’t want her to feel threatened by us or leave! I’m taking the first dollar I make in the shop and putting it in a red envelope for her. Apparently a red envelope represents protection so once we open, I’m trying that!






Friend of Paws Buzz Go/radical human Dana Matthews is half of the team behind our favorite website, Dana and her husband Greg Newkirk have done it all. They have a combined 35+ years of paranormal investigating under their belts, and have appeared on such shows as Finding Bigfoot, Mysteries at the Museum, Kindred Spirits, Paranormal Lockdown.. the list goes on. Oh, and they also founded the world’s ONLY traveling museum where you can HOLD and interact with ACTUAL haunted and cursed objects. Coming to a town near you, check that out here →  The Traveling Museum of the Paranormal & the Occult


Dana Matthews Greg Newkirk



We spoke to Dana about Clamore/Black Mass’s situation, and here’s what she had to say:


OK. Here are my thoughts. There’s a lot that they can do to build a good relationship with Grace, I think dedicating a space to her is a wonderful idea, and lets her know that her life is still remembered. One of the other things I would do would be to have a medium come into the space to get a feel for what kind of state Grace is in, they would obviously have to be someone trusted. Sometimes when people die traumatically they can remain in their death state, which for Grace would be terrible if she was murdered. So, I would bring in a trusted medium who will be able to relay what Grace wants. If she likes being in the building, maybe there’s something in particular she wants, or maybe if she is still in a trauma state the medium can help her move on.


I would honestly go the medium route myself, I’d hate to think a murdered woman was still haunting the space. A really good medium can come in and help her move on, so she’s not driving them crazy, and she’s not stuck reliving the last few hours of her life over and over again.



Special thanks to Dana Matthews for taking the time to help!


Black Mass Tattoo is open for business NOW! Please drop us a line if you visit the shop and anything crazy happens! We would love to update this article with any experiences you may have.


Black Mass Tattoo






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