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Chicago’s Shit Fountain = Instagram Gold


Beanie and I took off to Chicago a couple weekends ago so I could get tattooed/celebrate my birthday. I like to mix up my trips with easy/odd outdoor places so Bean isn’t cooped up in the hotel room too much. It was finally sunny out on the last day of our Windy City trip, so we rolled out to Chicago’s Shit Fountain! 💩


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This Pit Stop (Shit Stop?) is located at 1001 N Wolcott Ave, just before the corner of N Wolcott and W Augusta Blvd in Chicago’s East Village neighborhood. The street is beautiful, tree filled, and easy to park on. No parking meters or anything. Perfect dog walk territory.


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Oddly enough, the fountain itself is an ode to people walking their dogs on this street and not cleaning up after them. The artist Jerzy S. Kenar owns the building behind Shit Fountain and the gallery next door. He decided to install a friendly/silly reminder to passers-by to keep the neighborhood dog shit free. He himself is a dog lover and owner, so don’t think it’s mean spirited, he just wants to encourage clean sidewalks and flowerbeds.


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Here’s a shitty selfie.





I was pretty surprised to learn that Shit Fountain wasn’t put up by a crazy cat lady or one of those “Get off my lawn!” guys. The creator, artist Jerzy S. Kenar is actually quite well known for his more serious work. These pieces include the holy water font at Loyola University’s Madonna della Strada Chapel, several wood sculptures at O’Hare Airport, and the Black History Fountain at Renaissance Park on Chicago’s South Side.


Shit Fountain is original, easy to get to, and perfect for your Instagram feed. AND it won’t cost you a thing! Also when we were there no one was around, so you can feel free to have a full scale photo session.

Hope you have fun! Be sure to check back for more Paws Buzz Go Pit Stops! ♥


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