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Get In The Pit! Caninus Collars Are A Punk/Hardcore Dog Win

Truth time: When I leave the TV on for Bean when I go to work, I don’t just put on anything, I put on something I would like to watch. Because I feel like he and I are the same person. He hates food I hate, gets tired when I do.. we are the same. So howwwwww fuckin’ excited am I that his COLLARS and LEASHES can finally match my clothesssss?!?! 😍 That’s right, Caninus Collars are everything you’ve ever wanted.


caninus collars

Bean is hard AF


Caninus Collars’ owner/creator Rachel Rosen has spent the last 20 years playing guitar and bass for several hardcore bands, the most well-known being Indecision and Most Precious Blood. She has also been involved in animal rescue for the past 15 years, volunteering her time at shelters in New Jersey: walking dogs, fostering, and taking photos for Petfinder. Caninus Collars are handmade by Rachel herself, and the quality really shows in person. Please remember that a handmade product is special, and takes time. Trust me, you will not be disappointed when your awesome collar/leash lands in your mailbox.


rachel rosen caninus collars


BONUS! Caninus Collars are completely cruelty-free/vegan, YAY!


Go to →, and use code pawsbuzzgo10 for 10% off!! 💰







From what I can see on the Caninus Collars Instagram page, you have 3 doggies; Spanky, Lulu, and Tex. Do you have any other pets? Any funny habits they have? Silly nicknames?


Rachel Rosen: Yes Spanky is a compact little Pitbull at around 35 lbs, Lulu is a Dachshund/Chihuahua mix, and Tex is a Pitbull mix who is my old man. All are rescues. Spanky and Lulu are the newest – adopted about 1 1/2 years ago from Linda Blair WorldHeart Foundation. Tex was adopted back in 2004 in Jersey City, NJ. I used to foster bunnies before we moved to California, but since we’ve moved we’ve just had the dogs. Tex is 13, so he’s become a big demand barker. He doesn’t see or hear well anymore, so he’s trained me well to come running over to him every time he barks to see what he needs. A lot of times he just wants something one of the other dogs has. He also is a smiler and greets me every time I come home with a smile and a little dance in the doorway. His current nickname is Tiki, but I can pretty much call him whatever at this point since he doesn’t hear. Spanky talks all the time, and always makes funny grunting and gutteral noises when you pet him. He’s also been known to make sounds like a chicken or rooster when he’s sad. His main nickname is Mr. Spankers or Spanks. Lulu loves to lay in our bed all day and surrounds herself with several bones. She is super playful, strong and runs way faster than the boys even though she’s half their size. She’s also licks us constantly!! We call her Loose or Lucy.



Favorite dog friendly places to take them? and where are they (city, etc)


Rachel Rosen: I love hiking, so the main places I take the dogs are dog friendly hiking places. We love to go to Santiago Oaks Regional Park in Orange, CA because it’s dog friendly, close-by and has great trails. But pretty much any dog friendly hiking trail around Southern California is someplace I like to go. Unfortunately Tex is a bit too old to handle a lot of them, but Spanky and Lulu have no problems. Sometimes we’ll take one of them out to eat with us, but sometimes they’re not on their best behavior. We’ve taken Spanky on a few road trips because he travels well. We’ve taken him on a road trip to Seattle and back, and out to Yuma, AZ. He can be a handful at times at home, so it’s much easier to get someone to watch 2 dogs at home rather than 3.


hiking dogs




Any bands you really hope to bring on board with Caninus Collars? I'd love to see H2o, Pennywise, Strung Out, etc...


Rachel Rosen: We would love to work with Suicidal Tendencies. We haven’t approached too many punk bands but it’s definitely something we’ll think about for the future.



You play/played in Indecision & Most Precious Blood.. Favorite US places to visit/play? Favorite places to visit in other countries?


Rachel Rosen: I always loved playing in New York – still do. As far as touring though, I always loved driving and being in the Southwest. It’s my favorite part of the country. Arizona was always fun to play. Also Portland, Seattle and Atlanta were always good times too. As far as other countries, I always loved Australia and New Zealand. We also loved playing Spain, Portugal, England, pretty much all of Europe. I was fortunate to go many times, and see so many amazing places.


rachel rosen indecision




Your favorite tattoo, and who did it & where was it done?


Rachel Rosen: My favorite tattoo is one on my arm of my 3 dogs Tex, Budgie and Gizmo, done by Mike Ski at True Hand Tattoo in Philly. Budgie was the first dog I ever adopted. She was one of the singers for Caninus the band, and was my companion for 15 years. We lost her this past year to liver cancer. Gizmo was a Pitbull/Boston Terrier mix that we adopted as an older boy. We had 7 amazing years with him before he developed an awful tumor in his spine that the doctors couldn’t figure out and he ended up unable to walk anymore. Budgie, Tex and Gizmo lived together for 7 years, and I got the tattoo while they were all still alive.


mike ski tattoo




Any other things you have in the works? Anything you want people to check out?


Rachel Rosen: Derek, my partner in the dog collars, is spearheading our new nonprofit Street Dogs. We just got a pretty big donation of food that we are breaking down into travel size portions, and we will be going into the tented areas to give out to dogs living with their owners on the streets. It’s still in the early stages, but he seems to make things happen with lightning speed. We have a lot more bands in the works that will be coming out, so we’re excited for that. We come out with new band collars every few months. Follow Caninus Collars on Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook to keep up with what is going on with The CC Woof Woof Gang.






Caninus Collars  →  Website   Instagram   Twitter   Facebook   


Paws Buzz Go  →  Instagram   Twitter   Facebook



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    Hellooooo Beanie! I’m Roger Wellington, a fellow dog blogger who’s also enjoying your interviews and posts. Those Caninus Collars look awesome! I’ll have to get one for myself. 🙂 Keep up the great work!

    • Paws Buzz GO!
      Paws Buzz GO!
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      Thanks so much for your comment! So glad you found the site! 🙂


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Check Out Natural Dog Company! Use Coupon Code pawsbuzzgo10 For 10% Off

Punk/Hardcore Pet Collars! Use Code pawsbuzzgo10 For 10% Off!

Punk/Hardcore Pet Collars! Use Code pawsbuzzgo10 For 10% Off!

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