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Where To Selfie With 15 Creepiest Sculptures From Around The Globe

When I plan trips, there are a few key things that I search for every single time. It usually goes; super famous landmarks, haunted places, weird roadside things, oldest churches, oldest bars.. and then whatever else I can find. I also love a killer photo op. Especially if that photo op is accessible with my dog, Bean.

These creepy sculptures and statues are RIGHT up my alley. Instagram gold. 📸  I love those travel pics that make your family and friends go: “Holy SHIT what in the world is that, and how the HELL did you find it??”.

Here are the coolest, creepiest, selfie-worthy sculptures on Earth. See if any are close to you! 🌎 And feel free to write me (or send to me on Instagram @pawsbuzzgo) if there are any awesome ones I’m missing!





hatched baby wolfgang auer


Hatched Baby by German artist Wolfgang Auer got mixed reviews during the year it sat out front of the Fitton Center for Creative Arts in Hamilton, Ohio. Sadly, some people just don’t appreciate a 9 foot tall crazy-eyed blue baby breaking out of an egg. 😂  The sculpture will soon be moved to the Miami University Art Museum Sculpture Park in Oxford, Ohio. They are excitedly awaiting its arrival.   •   Photo credit:  @matt0701





wawel dragon poland


The Wawel Dragon sits at the foot of Wawel Hill in Krakow, Poland. The dragon is very famous in Polish folklore, and as the story goes, it would terrorize the villagers and eat their daughters. Murderous history aside, Krakow loves it’s dragon, and celebrates with an annual Great Dragon Parade that draws more than 750,000 people! The statue was designed by Polish artist Bronislaw Chromy. The gnarly bronze dragon stands 20 feet tall, AND IT BREATHES FIRE. 🔥😍   •   Photo credit:  @sammygeestar





frank bruce sculpture trail


Aggghhhhh! 😳 Go ahead and try not to have bad dreams after you see this spooky thing along the Frank Bruce Sculpture Trail in Scotland. Walking the trail is free, and can be accessed from Cairngorms National Park. Some of the sculptures along the trail are stone, but most are made from the wood of fallen trees. None of the sculptures are to be repaired, they are meant to fall away back into the earth. The sculpture in the picture is part of a group of 5 statues called Third World.   •   Photo credit:  @hfletch4





tony tasset dallas eye


Eye by artist Tony Tasset can be seen 👀 in Dallas, Texas. It is located across from the (pet friendly!) Joule Hotel, and was modeled after a picture of the artist’s own eyeball. Tasset insists the 30 foot tall sculpture has no hidden meaning, it’s just ‘a giant eyeball’.  It was once Instagrammed by Flaming Lips singer Wayne Coyne with the caption, “…fuck yeah!!!”   •   Photo credit:  @kellychristinesutton





anssi kasitonni sculpture finland


anssi kasitonni sculpture


Suomen Tuntemattomin Runoilija or The Least Known Finnish Poet by Anssi Kasitonni. The bronze sculpture is located in Joensuu, Finland at Penttilanranta or Penttila beach. Kasitonni has never revealed who it is. He says, “It can be a man, or a woman. It can be anybody.”  He has also said it is an ode to all bogus artists. There are tons of photos of the sculpture on Instagram with dogs around it, so this is a dog friendly photo op. 🐾  (If your poor dog isn’t terrified.)   •   Photo credit:  1st – @taivaansini   2nd – @myy_and_lumi





high line new york sculpture


WHAT the FUCK. 🙄 haha.. This inSANEly real looking sculpture can be found on the High Line in New York City. It’s called Sleepwalker by Tony Matelli. I lurked a bunch of Instagram posts, and people put sunglasses on it, leg warmers, and pretend to be making out with it. It also garners some pretty hilarious comments like: “OMG that poor guy”, and “Get away from him!”   •   Photo credit:  @wendynilsen





damien hirst verity sculpture


damien hirst verity


Verity by Damien Hirst is a JAW DROPPER. The sculpture stands just over 66 FEET TALL, and is meant to symbolize truth and justice. Pretty sure people in America would have a FIT if this was here, so I really appreciate that there are places in the world that are more open-minded about public art. ♥  Verity can be found in Ilfracombe on the North Devon coast of England. It is currently on long-term loan to the town from Hirst for 20 years, so you have plenty of time to go see it.   •   Photo credit:





herve sculpture giant feltepve


This massive sculpture is by artist Ervin Loranth Herve, and it’s called Feltepve, which translates to “ripped up”. If you Google it, all you find is outdated info. It stood in Szechenyi Square in Budapest, Hungary around 2014. But nowwwww you can find it in Russia! Through geotag stalking, and some help from Google translator, I found out the giant now lives in a city called Nizhny Novgorod. It appears to be right outside of a shopping center → ТРК Седьмое Небо. Don’t ask me how to pronounce that, but it translates to “Seventh Heaven”. Just copy and paste that, pop it into Google Maps, and BOOM there’s your giant. A plane ticket to Russia might help too. 😉   •   Photo credit:  @kazakvedun





indian sculpture park ireland


sculpture park ireland


victors way sculpture park


Literal. Nightmare. Sandwich. Can you believe ALL of these are in the SAME place?? Victor’s Way aka: Indian Sculpture Park is located in Roundwood, County Wicklow, Ireland. The official website is super weird. It states: “Victor’s Way was designed as a contemplation (or meditation) space for lone adults between the approx. ages of 28 and 65 who feel the need to take some quality time out for R&R&R (i.e. rest, recovery & spiritual reorientation).”  It warns: “Victor’s Way is NOT a fun park for families.”  It will cost you 5 Euro, and only 1 dog is allowed in the park at a time. Hours are 12:30pm-6pm daily. The sculptures in order as pictured are called: Ferryman, Fasting Buddha, and Split Man. I thought Ferryman and Split Man were both women, but ok. 😂 The website and little rules are so strange, that I’m even more anxious to visit this crazy place.   •   Photo credit:  1st – @elfwitch   2nd – @julie26s   3rd – @it_alwaysme





bad bad boy sculpture finland


Bad Bad Boy is a giant, publicly urinating, nervous looking baby-man. You can find him in the West Harbour area of Helsinki near some awesome piratey looking ships, and a huge Ferris wheel. He stands just over 28 feet tall, and was created by artist Tommi Toija.   •   Photo credit:  @pheechoi





marianne heske sculpture oslo


sculpture norway HEAD N.N.


HEAD N.N. is a 23 foot tall bronze sculpture created by one of Norway’s most renowned artists, Marianne Heske. The sculpture is an enlargement of a baby doll head Marianne found at a flea market in Paris in 1971. If you look closely at the surface of the massive head, you’ll find interesting red lines and numbers. These are taken from phrenology, a pseudoscience popular in the 1800’s. Phrenology is the study of the structure of the skull to determine a person’s character and mental capacity. HEAD N.N. can be found in dog friendly Torshovdalen park in Oslo, Norway.   •   Photo credit:  1st – @siligooose   2nd – @bassethebeagle





the awakening sculpture national harbor


the awakening grounds for sculpture


The Awakening is an impressive and surreal creation by artist J. Seward Johnson. It measures more than 70 feet across, and is a favorite attraction amongst those in the Washington D.C./Maryland area. The Awakening (1st picture) is located on the waterfront of National Harbor in Maryland. However, there is also an exact copy called The Awakening II in Chesterfield, Missouri, and yet another copy (2nd picture) at Grounds For Sculpture in Hamilton, NJ.   •   Photo credit:  1st – @_abbywy_   2nd – @alansg





devil blue horse colorado


demon horse colorado


Rounding out our creepiest sculptures list, is the Denver airport ‘Devil Horse’! The 32 foot horse, often referred to as “Blucifer”, was created by artist Luis Jimenez. Here’s where things get messed up. The horse KILLED the man who designed it. Luis Jimenez was paid 300k to complete the towering demon horse. He missed several deadlines, so the city attempted to sue him for over half the amount they paid him. While rushing to complete the 9,000 pound sculpture, a piece broke off and CRUSHED him in his OWN STUDIO and HE DIED. 😱 For this reason, many believe the horse to be cursed. Despite many complaints and petitions to remove it, Denver International Airport has no plans to send “Blucifer” to the glue factory.   •   Photo credit:  1st – @mikesinkophotography   2nd – @scott_phillips_image






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